8 Reasons to Celebrate New Year At Desert Safari Dubai

Enjoy the full Bedouin-style involvement without having to plan or organize anything yourself on this desert escapade from Dubai. Your best option to celebrate new year at this enchanting desert Safari in Dubai. Zoom up and over dunes aboard a 4WD, ride a camel, snap photos of the sunset, and visit a hurried Bedouin-style camp to dabble in everything from henna art to Arabian costume photos. Your experience includes a barbecue-and-buffet dinner and live shows beneath the star; plus convenient return hotel transfers. Making your event with so fun and joy that can be a memorable new year sight only given by desert safari

Some of the best options to choose in Desert Safari:

Morning Safari:

Pick & Drop:

Morning safari includes pick & drop from your location. All of the transport hassle is covered by the team there which makes your trip without any delinquent

Dune Bashing:

Experience dune bashing on the red high dunes of Lehbab desert. Lehbab desert is known for its Dune Bashing programs that can add 5 stars to you visit

Camel Ride:

Explore the desert by camel ride in the morning desert safari. Camels won’t dry up just like your trip. Experiencing this ride is one great offer to get Desert Safari in Dubai

Sand Surfing:

Enjoy the sand surfing in morning safari. Unlike sea surfing, sand surfing gives you another level of fun. Getting engaged with one of the fine trainers and to experience this vast used sport in Dubai deserts.


Have a light refreshment to keep you energetic. Get yourself hydrated in that scorching heat and have the traditional food which got you covered in any way.

Quad Bike:

Enjoy the quad bike ride in the open desert. Quad bikes are fun to ride and when driven in desert it gives a whole lot of entertainment. Quad bikes race is an event to cover there with full energy.

Overnight Safari Tours:

Do you have some journaling you’ve been connotation to finish? Are you at a point in your life where you’re re-evaluating yourself, your individuality and a lot of larger decisions? If so, the peace and quiet might do you upright.

When you go out into the desert on a safari, it will amaze you how peaceful it is. You won’t be able to hear a sound for miles, which many people find comforting. This is the perfect way to nab yourself some serious peace, noiseless and serenity.

If you’ve never been to the United Arab Emirates, you might have never seen a desert sundown in person. You’ll soon learn that even a million Instagram photographs can’t do it justice.

A live desert sunset is justly breathtaking. With its garden pink, purples, and oranges, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a painting. It’s something you have to see to believe.

While a desert safari isn’t the same as an African safari in terms of the sum of wildlife you’ll see, you’ll still get a load of some of our desert abode friends. Along with camels, of course, you’ll also perhaps meet several types of birds and other animals instinctive to the area.

While camels may be symbolic of the desert, falcons are also symbolic of the area. Bedouins thought that the falcon signified bravery.

In fact, falcons are so significant to the area, that they are the national representation of the United Arab Emirates.

You might just get up close and personal with one during your desert safari.

Most desert safari trips aren’t only passive rides through the desert. You’ll also be able to get your thrills by sandbank bashing and sandboarding.

Dune bashing involves riding in a car with a four-wheel drive over the dunes of the desert. It’s said to be as scary as it is frightening. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but some tour companies use it as a means to get from one point to another. Therefore, if you’re going on an overnight safari, you’ll need to know if its part of the tour if it is something you’re not particularly keen on.

You can also go sandboarding, which is alike snowboarding and also nstead of boarding down the snow slants, you’ll be boarding down sand dunes. Most people find this an amazing rush and are keen to try it again and again.

Explore the Hatta Heritage Village, a reinstated mountain village where mud and stone dynasties demonstrate life there centuries ago.  Combine your visit to this village with a 4×4 ride to maximize your experience, although most of the tours already have transport included. This can included in your new year diary and forms. Board a range rover with an expert safari guide who will take you around the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This way you will fully discover the primeval desert eco-system and wildlife which is the most carefully preserved area in the UAE.

While spending the morning and evening at the desert safari can be exhausting from all the adrenaline activities, you can wind down and enjoy some delicious traditional food and an entertainment show. There is nothing better than trying the typical food from a different culture and getting to know more about the culture and traditions.

There is nothing more superior than stargazing in the middle of the desert by night. It is one of the most stunning experiences and the best way to diminish after the heat and adrenaline from the activities.

If you’d like to maximise your experience in starwatching, an expert can give you an stargazing tour as you all take in the attractive sky at night.

You will see the world as never before on a desert safari. Sand dunes as far as the eye can see and total wilderness dominate the vast expanses of desert and it can often become quite perplexing. If you start to feel giddy because of the barren landscape, try to close your eyes for a few moments and you will soon start to impression better. There are spectacular rock formations jutting out from the sand and your guide will take you to all the best spots to take some photos and make memories.


Dubai desert safari is not an adventure to miss for your new year. Perfect for couples looking to have a romantic and enchanting trip out or for families looking to show your kids how beautiful nature can be even in an unfertile desert. Just don’t forget your sick bag as a lot of people can become very car sick from being throw around in the car as you fly over dunes!

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