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A Course In Miracles Audio: For the longest time, man could only envision God as a being that required appeasing. For the longest time, man could only envision a God who would only bless you if you somehow found his favor or become worthy of his blessings in some way. There was a time when we even believed we had to be of a particular race in order to be blessed.

It’s time to change this vision. It’s time to see you are already worthy, no matter what. It’s time to see you are already blessed and entitled to everything at any time. It’s time to see that you are unconditionally blessed.

We have all prayed for things and later questioned why God did not help us. Why do some people have miracles and appear blessed when you are not? What is it that you must do to gain God’s favor and receive the blessings that will heal your body, mind and spirit? Why isn’t God listening to you? Where have all the blessings gone?

When no reply appears evident and when no sign of change can be seen, we are given countless reasons why God did not grant your request…

  • you did not pray correctly
  • you have unforgiven sins
  • you don’t belong to the right church
  • you haven’t done anything to be worthy of God spending his time on you
  • God has afflicted you for a reason
  • your sickness is who you are and you should embrace it

Basically, we are lead to believe that it is God who is holding out on us and that he is the one who has chosen not help us with our problems… for reasons that seem very unfair and not clear at all. We are simply expected to consider Gods lack of response as a mystery that may never be resolved.

When you see no action from God after having done all the things our religions have explained you must do, you are left feeling inadequate and undeserving. The situation raises the general feeling that you have failed in some way and that you are simply not worthy in Gods eyes… for some unknown reason. Having tried your best and having been rejected, anger and confusion will often follow. You ask… “Why would God allow this to happen? Why didn’t God stop this? What else could I have done to please God so that he would listen to me? Why isn’t God helping me?

There is an answer to these questions. There is a answer so clear and so very simple and once you embrace this answer, you will never need to ask those questions again.

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