A Course In Miracles Review – Infertility Cured?

A Course In Miracles: Many women across the globe are far from the joy of motherhood due to infertility issues. While many of them only dream about the joys of motherhood, others are taking a step forward to cure it and become mothers of healthy and kicking children. Don’t for a movement think that these infertile ladies are resorting to drugs or surgeries to cure them, since such a course of action only has a 7-8% possibility of a cure and hence is not effective in any manner. In fact, they are resorting to natural remedies that they do not want to keep secret.

I being one of them was not convinced and when I dug further with a friend who successfully conceived after a lot of pain, I was astonished to hear that they are taking the advice of a lady called Lisa Olson thorough a e-book called “Pregnancy Miracle”. Since this arose a hope as well as suspicion in me, I decided to delve further.

Once I got home, I switched on my computer and went on to the e-book’s website. At first, it looked like any other web page that sells wares on the internet. As is a habit I scrolled right to the bottom and found the price of the e-book was $39 and it comes with a lot of bonuses as thought it was not selling. After going through numerous experience testimonials and speaking to a few of them myself, I was convinced that this was not a scam or a hoax.

The longing for a child got the better of me here. I have been married for 12 years and after all the efforts could not conceive a child. All our visits to the doctors have turned out no evidence as to the reason. This instilled hope and I began at the beginning to read the e-book. It took me the better part of my time everyday to read and understand what Lisa was trying to say.

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