Benefits of Online Ordering for Flyer Delivery Service

Flyer Delivery Service are a popular business that is often utilized by restaurant owners that are looking for alternatives to hiring their own delivery drivers. Some of the reasons restaurant owners use a delivery company are:

  • Low delivery volume
  • No wireless debit machines available for delivery
  • Exposure for a new restaurant to existing delivery clients
  • A delivery company to coordinate the delivery times and hire drivers
  • Elimination of delivery driver staffing problems

Common Dispatching Problems for Delivery Companies

The delivery dispatcher has a lot of pressure from many events happening at the same time and the need to coordinate everything. A significant amount of time is use on the phone with customers taking orders and address data. Below is an example of how a typical order is process prior to using online ordering software:

Total time used by the dispatcher for one order: 11-15 minutes

  • (5-8 minutes) The customer places a phone call to the delivery company to provides the items they would like to order, the address, phone number and payment method.
  • (4-5 minutes) The delivery dispatcher calls the restaurant with the order details and a pickup time.
  • (2 minutes) The dispatcher contacts the driver with the order which includes the customer address, restaurant pickup time and the delivery fee to charge.

Total time used by the dispatcher for one order with online ordering software: 2 minutes

  • (0 minutes) The customer places their order online with their address, order details and payment method. The online ordering system automatically confirms the customer phone number to ensure it is correct in case the restaurant or delivery driver needs to contact them.
  • (0 minutes) An email is received to the delivery dispatcher and a copy of the order is automatically either faxed or emailed to the restaurant. The online ordering system sends an automated call to the restaurant so they are aware of the new order. The restaurant then calls the delivery company.
  • (1 minute) The delivery service receives a call from the restaurant and arranges a pickup time. The dispatcher has already had time to think about which driver they will send on the new order.
  • (1 minute) The dispatcher forwards the order to the driver and sends them a short text about the new order.

The total time processing an order is significantly reduce by introducing online ordering into the process. Because the customer and online ordering system are doing most of the work. This will allow the restaurant delivery service to process more orders per hour with less pressure on the dispatcher.

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