Beneteau Oceanis 323 Clipper With Two Big Cabins And A Large Shower For Sale

Buying a new motor yacht is a long emotional process. We found it very difficult to choose between so many models. Beneteau Oceanis 323 Clipper With Two Big Cabins And A Large Shower For Sale. It’s not like buying a new laptop where you have a specification on memory, screen size, or processor. Buying a laptop, for me, came down to price really. I bought a mid priced laptop that could do all that I wanted. Now buying a motor boat was a whole different kettle of fish.

It’s like buying a house. We wanted something that suited our lifestyle and suited our personality. THEN, we would have to come up with the money to match that. Buying a motor boat was not a logical process. It also required visits to several marinas on the South coast of England and three visits to Italy to meet and get to understand possible “editions to the family.”

It was never simple. We had to really examine how we spent time on our old motor boat (Fairline Targa) and, more importantly, where we used it. We also had to consider how (in an ideal world) we wanted to involve the motor boat in our lives over the coming years. For example, propositions like having grandchildren on board next year would bring in safety issues that we may not have otherwise thought of. So buying a motor cruiser suddenly became a whole lot more complicated!

When looking at the different models, we could never compare apples for apples. There were always subtle differences that either enthused us toward a particular motor yacht model or turned us away from another.

All through the four month period of our search, an old friend always gave the same advice, “follow your heart! Follow your heart, and you will find the right motor boat for you.”

The criteria that I looked to meet when buying a boat was fairly simple. I looked at the overall design and line of the motor boat. If I liked it still, I looked at the performance figures. Then, I would finally look at how many people can sleep aboard. If any one or two of these boxes got ticked, I took a closer look. My wife looked at the interior and practicality of the motor boat’s design. A more logical approach, I have to admit. To her, “it’s just a motor boat and all that matters is if we will be able to fit everyone in.” This included allowing for a rather tall uncle who constantly bangs his head.

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