Living Church Ministries – 7 Reasons Your Church Needs One

Scrapbooking your Faith, also known as “Faithbooking” opens up a wonderful opportunity for a new women’s Living Church Ministries. Faithbooking tends to naturally align itself with ideals of the church such as love, family, fellowship and sharing stories about God. Take a look at some of the benefits the individual as well as the church receives from this special ministry.

  1. The Scrapbooker of Faith sends her message into the future. Scriptures, prayers, poems, letters, and stories are used to share the presence of God in daily life.
  2. A unique opportunity presents itself for women of all ages to meet together. Modern day scrapbooking is often compared to the old “quilting b’s”. This hobby crosses age lines from teens to senior citizens-offering a unique occasion for special friendships to form.
  3. The guilt complex for “me-time” is often erased when women spend time preserving their faith. Today’s busy mom often doesn’t have time for herself and if she does take an hour-she feels guilty. These craft sessions offer women the ability to have a little time to herself while doing something for the future of her family.
  4. A wonderful women’s outreach ministry may sprout from these craft sessions. Ladies who never attend church may be drawn to an invitation to a class or “crop.” It may also be easier for a church member to invite a non-church friend to a fun event rather than to a church worship service.
  5. Self esteem may show a double take. Self-esteem seems to contain a natural built-in part. The person who is showcased in the layout will feel loved and special. Incidentally, the artist will also feel a sense of accomplishment with each completed layout. Thus fostering some self-esteem in her also.
  6. Life attains a different perspective. The Faithbooker more easily sees God’s presence in her life in the past as well as the present. She tends to be more encouraged to look for God’s work in her life in the future.
  7. This craft gives us an opportunity to obey God. The Bible instructs us to tell future generations about Him. Take a look at these examples.

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