Shared 3 Days Desert Tour From Marrakech

Shared 3 Days Desert Tour From Marrakech: Morocco is a country present in the northwestern part of Africa. The culture of the country is a blend of European, Arab and African cultures. A person, trekking morocco gets ample opportunity to discover and enjoy its rich history, art, culture and music. The geography of Morocco is extremely diverse and fascinating. The landscape of the country comprises the Atlantic coastline, Atlas Mountains and the great Sahara Desert. Such diversity makes the country an excellent holiday destination for people.

Some of the best places an individual can visit in Morocco are:


Holidays in morocco are incomplete without visiting the exotic city of Marrakech. In this city, a person would find a famous mosque, constructed in the 12th century. The mosque has a minaret having a height of 230 feet. Another major attraction of the city is the central square. In the evening, this place has many henna artists, musicians, fortune tellers, acrobats, dancers and food stalls, Shared Marrakech Desert Tours. At the market here, an individual can find different types of Moroccan items. The most famous types of Moroccan items one can find here are nuts, dry fruits, exotic spices, musical instruments, leather handbags and colorful lanterns.

The famous City in Morocco:

Morocco has the largest and oldest medieval town in the world. The city is a busy place and is a house to a variety of activities. The most famous place to visit in this city is the medina. A person can find many interesting things in the medina, some of which are leather goods, pottery, carpets, spice tubs and a blend of pleasant aromas.


“Essaouira” was initially enclosed by old walls, but now it has extended beyond those walls. An individual can explore the town on foot itself, as it is quite small. Every city gate here would lead a person to the Medina, and hence no one is likely to get lost here. The beach faces the Medina. The beach has many restaurants with terraces. The restaurants are a good place to relax and enjoy.

The High Atlas Mountains:

The High Atlas Mountains stretch around 2400 kilometres, from Morocco to Tunisia. This mountain range comprises the “Rock of Gibraltar”. A person planning to trek this mountain can choose to stroll or go for a strenuous trek which requires travel up to North Africa’s highest summit. The Grand Atlas of Morocco consists of the Anti-Atlas, High Atlas and Middle Atlas. A Berber people live in the mountain villages and they have a simple lifestyle. Their life is also a side of the country. Very few travelers get the chance to have a close look at these people and their lives.

The Famous Medina:

Morocco has a famous medina present in the higher part of the Rif Mountains. The media are quite beautiful, having white colored walls and blue colored doors Marrakech Desert Tours. The median was initially a Berber post. The heart of this media is the main square. It also has the Kasbah, central mosque and many hotels offering Moroccan style foods. Here, the market offers both tourist souvenirs and traditional Moroccan items.

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