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Visit our Blue Paradise DR for once in life. One of most popular sports that are enjoy by all ages is scuba diving and when considering your vacation plans. Many seek to explore some of the underwater paradises that nature has created. There are a variety of sites to consider but most of them require a passport. Online passport renewal service takes all the guesswork out of this process. Getting a new or renew passport can complete quickly and easily. The Caribbean is a highly sought after destination and Bonaire, known for its incredible visibility and wildlife. It is cone of the Caribbean’s most popular spots. The island of Bonaire consists entirely of a marine park providing protection for all the wildlife that lives there. Visitors are treated to experience with some of most beautiful underwater life including shark, rays, eels and giant sea turtles.

Why you have to visit here?

The visitor can proceed into the water right from the beach and find beautiful diving opportunities very close to shore. Passport is required to visit island paradise and if you can’t find your passport, lost passport is easy to replace. When you think of Egypt you probably think of pyramids but coastal Egypt provides unique site for scuba diving. Red Sea boarders Egypt and due to separation from Indian Ocean, it had become home of variety of sea life. There are also reef formations and beautiful underwater landscapes. Red Sea is natural habitat for over 1,200 types of fish and 10% of that number is found nowhere else. Some of the oldest coral reefs can found here dating back five to seven thousand years. Ship wreck or mysterious underwater cave can also explore and don’t be surprise if you bump into giant Moray Eel.

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Sting rays, star fish and shark are some of the local residents. It inhabits these waters and makes their home in the reefs of the Red Sea. The Galapagos Islands located in the Pacific Ocean, provide another extremely unique diving experience. Located off the coast of Ecuador, it is here that Charles Darwin studied animal evolution. Experiencing this rare glimpse into nature will promise to be an experience of a lifetime. Waters surrounding this island will introduce to marine iguana, beautifully colored fish, schools of hammerhead shark, giant turtles and penguins. Some of the larger sea animals who make their own trips here include whales, dolphin and sea lions. With the protected status of these waters, you can be sure to have an unforgettable diving experience. Perhaps one of most famous coral reefs in the world is Great Barrier Reef which is off coast of Australia.

Different things here to see:

With over 1,500 varieties of fish, 400 different species of coral, six species of turtles to name only a few. This may be the number one diving experience and is know worldwide. Whales of 30 different species, dolphin and shark share these waters with sea horses and sea snakes. They are treating the visitor to a visual feast of underwater life in all sizes and shapes. Perhaps one of the most diverse areas concerning sea animal and plant life, most divers considers this a must-see location. Cuba holidays the perfect destination to have a wonderful time with your dear and near ones. In this place you can find there are many sightseeing’s which are worth to be watch. It offers you to experience a different take in life also it is one of the biggest islands in Caribbean which has preserved many pleasures for the attraction of tourist.

See beautiful beaches:

The shore here are so beautiful that the sandy beaches, palm trees at the borderline and many more. Capital of Cuba is Havana situate between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. To have an experience of Cuba holidays then you should have a proper travel guide which will help you to make the best of the vacation. Once you visit then you can find many beautiful places with local residence speaking the official language Spanish and Castilian. The religion mostly followed is the Roman Catholic and the rest are the Muslims, Jews and Protestants also there are many regions one can choose while exploring Cuba holidays. Cayo Largo is been small island which has preserved natural beauty, landscapes, lush forest and all other facilities for tourist and Isla de la Juventud is another large island situate in Havana with exotic beauty.

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