The Ultimate Food Guide to Eating in Restaurants in Kansas City, KS

Restaurants in Kansas City, KS: If you are ever in the Midwest, you simply must head to Kansas City for sampling its world-class steaks and jazz music. The exciting city has long been the hub for a widespread agricultural cultivation. What were once huge stockyards or packing joints in the 19th century have now given way to food industries. These exceedingly proficient processing plants are plenty in the “Barbecue Capital” of the nation.

One of the main dilemmas people face is not knowing where to head so they can sample the best of Kansas City food. This guide offers travelers some of the best places to eat in the city so that holidays are full of fun and delectable cuisine.

1. Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque

Complete with a menu packed with dished that you won’t find anywhere else. This BBQ legend was founded in the early 1920′s. People in Kansas City who happen to have guests coming in shouldn’t complicate their ordeal and simply head to this fascinating restaurant for some scrumptious food. Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque is the perfect place you can head to if you wish to savor some of the best grilled delicacies in the country.

2. Spin Neapolitan Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizzas? Spin Neapolitan Pizza gives people a chance to taste the best pie served in all of Kansas City restaurants. The outlet serves some delicious hand-spun pizzas with thin-and-bubbly whole wheat or gluten-free crust. Visitors are sure to find a wide variety of appetizers, paninis and signature deli sandwiches to satisfy their appetite. They can then head toward a sweet finish with the Italian gelato ice cream.

3. Paparico’s Mexican Restaurant and Catering

Holidays can be stressful when you’re planning a big trip. So taking some time on your outing for slinging drinks or grabbing a few delicious meals for you and your party is a must. This family owned and operated eatery specializes in authentic Mexican food. It has been voted the best Mexican breakfast joint in the city making it a must visit.

4. Mio an Italian Trattoria

Those who love Italian food should rush to the eatery and taste some of the best lasagna. And spaghetti and meatballs around. Of all the restaurants in Kansas City Mio an Italian Trattoria is one that you just can’t afford to miss.

Of the many things that the city is well known for. Your trip would indeed be incomplete without savoring its mouth-watering cuisine in these famous eateries.

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