Want to Become an AFL Player?

Soccer has always been one of the most heavily watched and practiced sports in the world. With the ever increasing popularity and idolization of Australian soccer stars like Tim Cahill and Robbie Kruse, kids are jumping the bandwagon of learning soccer. Such palpable excitement is understandable considering how the AFL season is shaping up.

It’s important to hone your skills before you can even dream of becoming a professional player

It’s one thing to train with balls indoors, and it’s a totally different thing altogether actually to go out on the field to play soccer matches. We all know for a fact that this sport requires adequate mental and physical strength. Which is why subjecting your kids to it straight away wouldn’t be wise on your part. First, you have to let your kids’ practice their soccer skills indoors, and when they are ready, then they can maybe go and join a soccer team.

Acquire a soccer training equipment

A few decades ago, soccer was more physical because all there was the ball, shin pads, and boots. But these days, players have become more concerned about their safety and are taking that extra precaution to ensure that they don’t get injured. So it’s only natural that your kids too should follow this trend.

So what constitutes these soccer equipments?

Ball: Like you didn’t know that right? Obviously to play soccer, you will need a ball. Though the official AFL match ball is make up of cowhide leather. There are several other kinds of balls which you can use. For solely training purposes, there is that option of getting a play ball rather than actual on the bottom. Back in the ancient times, these balls were make primarily of pig’s head with its outer material made up of animal’s skins. But since the 19th century, soccer balls have always made using rubber.

Shoes: Finding the most appropriate shoes is essential for playing comfortably. Over the years, soccer shoes have gone radical transformation. A few decades ago, players had to wear heavy leather boots which were both uncomfortable and made it difficult o control the ball. But now, soccer balls are of extremely lightweight materials. Which help in kicking, lifting and moving the ball around quite easily.

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