Which smartphone games are ideal for making time fly by when traveling?

When you think of traveling, you likely first think about the amazing food you will be able to try. The historical and cultural sites, and the natural beauty – whether that means the high mountains, the desert or endless beaches. However, a reality of traveling thatwe all rarely consider is the wasted time involved.

Whether you are going for a road trip or flying around the world, there are going to be periods. When you will be on your own for hours at a time just waiting. This might mean that you are waiting for a delayed flight or train, trying to get over jetlag. Or even just trying to wind down after a long day and get ready for the next day.

Mobile games are a great way to while away the time. Below are some of the best mobile games for helping time to fly – when you are stuck on the ground.

Alto’s Adventure

This whimsical and well-designed game allows you to go snowboarding – no matter where in the world you are. You will be able to cannonball down breathtaking mountain slopes. All while avoiding llamas and grumpy old people who just might toss you off the mountainside.

Online casino games

The chances are that you probably are not traveling to Las Vegas, Monaco or Macau to hit the biggest and most glamorous casino floors in the world. However, now anyone can still enjoy a simulacra of the experience from the comfort of the nearest chair thanks to the rise in online and mobile gaming.

The online casino industry has skyrocketed in popularity over the course of the last 10 years or so. And there are now hundreds of different online casinos to choose from, including a range of different travel, vacation and destination-themed casinos. Casinos such as NJ online casinoResorts Casino have a fun, beachy vibe that gamblers can enjoy.

Ridiculous Fishing

This is a great game for when you are not fishing – and you wish you were. You can enjoy the charm of 90s-era graphics while you try to either catch fishor shoot them right out of the sky.

Toca Hair Salon – all versions

The Toca Hair Salon versions are incredibly popular with children. And are great games to have on an iPad for kids during long delays or difficult journeys. Players are able to design extravagant hairstyles. And while it may seem childish, you will surprised at how much fun it actually is to play.

80 Days

80 Days is a travel-themed game that is perfect for getting you excited to travel before you get on your flight. The game is a Jules Verne-inspired travel game that will allow you to visit some of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is an adventure element, however, and you will need to watch out for the dangers and pitfalls that await hapless travelers! 

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