Why you have to visit Boston Comic Con for once in life?

People must have to visit Boston Comic Con to enjoy your time. Booths lined with fandom merchandise, celebrities waiting to sign autographs or take photos.

There is Crowd of costumed fans eager to show their love for their favorite films, books and characters. Whether it’s a local affair or Boston`s annual extravaganza, visiting a Comic Con is truly a fun and rewarding experience. When attending a Con, it can be easy to be swept away by the excitement of it all. You will forget yourself somewhere down the line. Here few helpful tips to remember based on my own experience at Cons to help things run more smoothly.

1. Get to the doors early:

There is nothing anxiety-inducing than having to practically sprint to make it to that panel discussion you’re dying to see. Plan ahead and give yourself extra time to accommodate for things like weather, traffic, or other minor hindrances along way. You’ll likely arrive with time to spare, and can then relax and scope out the Con in its entirety. In addition, once you get in, if you happen to have scheduled time for photos, panel, or anything similar. Find the room or the place you must be in order to stand in line when it’s time. Waiting until the last minute can lose you your place in line.

2. Celebrities are people too:

Please don’t scream or flail upon seeing your favorite celebrity. Excitement is perfectly fine and they expect it, but going overboard can very uncomfortable for celebrity and those around you. Remember that this person rolled out of bed that morning with their hair all mussed from sleep. It is exactly as you did, and treat them as you would anyone else.

3. Be open:

Take photos, bring your friends! Heck, make friends with the people around you in line for panels and such. Ask them where they’re from, what they do, what they’re there for. People at Cons are some of the kindest people you will ever meet. You never know what a simple conversation and shared interest can do. One of my friends is woman from Montreal that I met in line to meet two Hobbit actors in Boston. We’ve since kept in touch and she sent me card for Christmas. It is signed photo of my favorite actor just because she thought of me.

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