5 Benefits of choosing short treks in Nepal

Easy and most comfortable treks are called short treks in Nepal. Nepal has a lot of short trekking trials.

Ghorepani, Poon Hill, Tengboche, Manang, Tilicho Lake trek are some examples of Nepali short treks.

Short treks allow you to reach a lower elevation viewpoint to see beautiful mountain views on relatively less time. Easy and less time-consuming hikes are a great alternative of Long Multi-day treks in the Himalayas.

Here I am going to mention 5 benefits of short treks in Nepal.

  1. Budget-friendly

Unlike any other precious treks, you do not have to consume much while hiking in a short span. Usually, the cost of the trekking packages is enormous because of the number of days you spend on trekking and mountains. The more extra days you choose to spend the more money you need.

Short treks also indicate lesser days trek. So, with that in the notice, it is budget-friendly, and you can still experience the mountain views and local cultures.

For example, ten days long Annapurna base camp trek costs more than 1000 USD, including transportation, food and private guide. On the other hand side, a five days Poon Hill trek will cost just 500 USD, including the food and private guide.

  1. Less Trouble of Permits and Documents

Trekking to remote places on the top-rated destinations needs some necessary paper works and permits. Without these, you are not permitted to pass specific entrances for other popular treks.

Sort treks mean you do not need such numerous permits and documents to reach your destination. Only some or no Permits in some cases are enough to have your hike.

For example, for Upper Mustang trek, you will require to have a special limited area permit along with conservation area permit. But, if you chose to do a short hike to either Panchase or Royal trial, only conservation area permit will be enough.

  1. Suitable for All Age Group

Sort means easy and Easy means less need for physical fitness. You do not have to be the strongest one or have prior hiking practices. So, everyone can complete these hikes, even kids or older people.

  1. Natural Beauty of Mountain villages

You will cross many beautiful villages and natural waterfalls, forests, during the trek. The green trees, dense forest and the full range of flora and fauna will deliver the trip rewarding. If you are blessed, you will see some of the rare species of birds, wildflowers and animals during the trek.

Not only this, but you will also get impressions of the high mountains. You will pass via the rivers, waterfalls, and forests make your trek peace to relax your mind with nature and nature sounds.

  1. Secure and privacy for travellers

Everyone knows that Nepal is safe for travellers. Short treks in Nepal usually are for less trekked routes. Most of the trekkers will go for longer hikes to see the mountain from near. So that short trek routes will be less crowded, which will be perfect for privacy seeker travellers.

Also, easy treks are safe for individual trekkers too, who want to trek without hiring any staffs from the trekking companies.


Except for those benefits, short treks in Nepal has other advantages as well. You do not require the expertise and expensive trekking gears for these hikes.

Another benefit of these easy treks is you can refresh your mind from the busy schedule of city life.

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