8 Heavenly Latin Beaches That You Must Visit in Your Lifetime

Golden sand, the smell of the ocean and the warm breeze of the summer wind against your body. Plus, the sight of beautiful people having the time of their life all around you. Summer in combination with beach days is probably the best thing to do during the hottest period of the year. And because the world has such amazing places, you can’t really decide where your next vacation should be, especially if you want to travel all around the world. To help you out with your choice, here are the top X Latin beaches that will instantly capture your heart and leave a mark forever in your memory.

1.      Playa Del Carmen – Mexico

Turquoise water, white sand and a coastline filled with restaurants, clothing shops, bars, and tour agencies. This is certainly one of the most visited places in the Mayan Riviera and the before mentioned coastline named Quinta Avenida is a place where you can meet your next summer love.

2.      Cancun – Mexico

Another Mexican beach which holds the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean. Everything is exclusive in this area including the beaches and the restaurants. It is the ideal place if you want your nature and nightlife in balance.

3.      Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Probably one of the best beaches in the world that stretches along 2.5 miles on the coastline of Brazil. It is a true miracle of nature and spending a vacation in one of the luxurious hotels is a dream come true. Plus, you might meet Latin girl who will steal your heart.

4.      Ipanema Beach – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This one is the more luxurious solution if you want to spend your summer days in Brazil. The whole place is amazing – the beach is extravagant, the water is amazing and the beach vendors will offer you anything you want.

5.      Monteririco – Guatemala

This one doesn’t have golden sand but it is still considered the best beach in Guatemala. It can be described as a black-sanded paradise that thrives in the land of eternal spring. You can meet lost of interesting people because the nightlife is buzzing.

6.      Tulum Beach – Mexico

If you are looking for spectacular sights, Tulum is the right place for you. It has white sand and the water is amazingly crystal clear. It is located on an archaeological Mayan site where you get the exclusive opportunity to enjoy this miracle of nature, relax and learn something about Mayan culture.

7.      Little Corn Island – Nicaragua

This island is the perfect place to enjoy in solitude as it is the best-kept secret of the Caribbean. The place is not extremely known by tourists despite its perfect and clandestine condition and this is what makes it even more beautiful. The hotels are famous for their kind hospitality and you won’t lack anything while you are taking all the sun you can.

8.      Baia do Sancho – Brazil

If you want to enjoy 50 shades of blue – this is the place to be. In addition, it has amazing coral reefs and a peaceful atmosphere that can calm any distressful feeling. It is a bit hard to get there but that is what makes this place so wonderful. You’ll have the feeling that the place is specially designed and all the colours are mixed by the best painter in the world.

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